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Handy Tips

Children create one design on an A4 piece of paper or card. Coloured paper or card can be used. Designs can either be landscape or portrait but bear in mind the products you would like to order. Landscape designs look much better on a pillowcase, but a portrait design fills a Santa sack better. Try and fill the whole of the A4 sheet.  The bigger, more colourful your design is, the better it will look.

Bold Colours

You can use paints, felt tip pens, crayons, coloured pencils or collages. Because drawings have to be scanned please don't use glitter, cotton wool or bulky glued items, for example stick on eyes or pasta shapes. Anything raised will cause a shadow and because of volumes, we just have to scan and make.

Christmas Project

For younger children you could use finger prints to create reindeers or robins.

Encourage designs focused around Christmas/Winter themes, great ideas include:
Christmas trees, Christmas puddings, snowmen, robins, penguins, holly & ivy, Father Christmas, Stars, presents, baubles.

One school take a photo of the school child in a Christmas hat that they stick on the paper, then the child draws around their photo - beautiful!


Yellow chicks, colourful Easter eggs, bouncing bunnies. Our mugs are really popular and can be ordered with a Cadbury Easter egg, gift wrapped. Whether ordering for child, nan, granddad, try and base your design on what they would like.

Mother's Day

Your mum is one of the most important people in your life and she will love anything made by her child, but again try and make really colourful, pretty and suitable. Does she love shoes, wine, shopping? Think of you mum when drawing/painting.

Father's Day

Orders don't have to be for dad, but can be for any Father figure, Grandad, step dad, uncle, it's up to you. Do they like football, rugby, gardening, walking the dog? Think of their hobbies and create your art piece around their hobbies.

Whether you run the project at school or get parents involved at home the main aim is for children to enjoy and have fun creating their art.