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Earn 15% Commission for Nursery or School with our Father's Day Fundraising Project

Orders don't have to be for dad, but can be for any Father figure, Grandad, step dad, uncle, it's up to you. Do they like football, rugby, gardening, walking the dog? Think of their hobbies and create your art piece around their hobbies.

How to Run

Easy to organise either by the PTA or office/school teacher. Run as a classroom arts project or let mum get involved and help their child draw/paint a beautiful Father figure picture. Parents then choose from our supplied order form, items including matching child and dad apron, cushion, mugs plus many more personalised gifts.

The picture (do not bend or staple), order form and full payment via cash are returned to school by the deadline date agreed. School then collects the orders and we collect the drawing and order forms for the school, work our magic and return orders back to school.


School can either pay when we collect the orders or we can invoice once the orders are delivered with your 15% commission deducted.

Why get involved?

Whether your dad is your dad, granddad, uncle, step dad, you love and cherish him. Show him how much you care with a unique gift made from a child's drawing. Beautiful gifts, cherished by the dad in your child life, children getting involved in art plus your nursery/school earns 15% commission on all sales received.

The idea

  • To get schools involved in an arts programme
  • All children, in every class create a dad picture
  • Take the drawing home, with an order form, which will be returned to school by the deadline with the original drawing and full payment by the deadline date.
  • Order, drawings and payment will be collected by us from the school
  • Within 2 weeks, gifts ordered will be returned to school, clearly labelled with child name and class, ready for the school to distribute
  • 15% of all the sales will be donated back to school for school funds

The more classes involved,
the more money raised for school!

If you think your nursery or school could be interested either pass on their details to us and we will contact them or get them to contact Cheryl 01925 222449 or email